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Over 37 years of experience in the oil field industry
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Welcome to our Pettigrew Pumping ServiceOver 37 Years Experience In The Oil Field Industry!

Pettigrew Pumping Service offers the full line of Arrow engines and parts. We even have the Arrow Auto-Start System.
We offer a full line of both new and used engines. Our skilled technicians will help you choose the right engine for your application.
Pettigrew Pumping Service can handle all of your well and engine repairs including simple replacements or complete rebuilds.
Do you have valve leaks, a restricted pump intake or any other problems with your well? Find out with our detailed pump testing.
Our experts can make sure your well produces effectively and that it remains in service through even the harshest conditions.
Monitor multiple fields simultaneously from a standard Web browser or Internet-enabled mobile device.

We are building your world We strive to excel in every service we provide

Pettigrew Pumping Service strives to optimize your production with hard work and our dedicated staff. We have a dependable fleet of service trucks with trained technicians for field repairs throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, and Kentucky. With multiple shop locations to meet your parts and service needs, Pettigrew Pumping Service offers fast turn-around and quality service! Our services include well tending and supervision of wells, dynamometer and fluid level testing, engine sales and repair service, engine automation, pumping unit repair, and replacement parts for engines and pumping units.

PPSI is a distributor of the popular Arrow Engine line of products. We also offer many other product lines like Gates, Murphy, Kimray, American Bosh and Fairbanks-Morse. Give us a call today and let us help with all of you well drilling and pumping needs!

Pettigrew Pumping is Reliable!

Whether it's standard maintenance or emergency service, Pettigrew Pumping Service can make sure your well is up and running when it needs to be. Our skilled technicians can repair and place any parts and equipment right on site!

Our technicians are trained on the most recent equipment including remote monitoring hardware and software. We'll install the equipment you need to monitor your wells and fields remotely and even train you to use it.
Pettigrew Pumping offers new and reconditioned parts, equipment and engines. Our technicians even specialize in infield repairs on engines and units!
Choose the company with over 29 years of experience. Our team of experts have the knowledge and training that will make sure your wells are producing the way you want!
Not sure how your well is doing? Pettigrew Pumping can run a variety of tests including Dynamometer testing and fluid level testing. Find out if your well is really producing at maximum efficiency.

Did You Know...

Pettigrew Puming Service has two convenient locations to make sure you get fast, efficient service. With full shop locations in Mt. Gilead and Ravenna Ohio, we can quickly get to your location to help with any well problems you may have. Call one of our offices today at (419) 768-9977 and (330) 297-7900.

We work on everything!
Ignition Systems:
Magneto repairs and exchanges, electronic ignition systems, spark plugs and wires, safety equipment
Head Repair:
Most exchanges abailable, valve jobs, seats and mill work, testing for and repairing of cranks
New and Used Parts Available:
Blocks, crank shafts, heads, sheaves
Pumping Unit Repairs:
Gear box repair, wrist pin work, saddle and tail bearing work
We can rebuild your engine
Pettigrew Pumping Service can rebuild defective engines, pumps and other production equipment. For some repairs and rebuilds, our technician can provide on-site service. Rebuilds are often more involved and require that the work be done in our shop. In this case, our technician will install a replacement while the equipment is being rebuilt. We may even install a permanent preplacement using one of our previously rebuilt engines.
Pettigrew Offers Skilled Testing
Dynamometer Testing:
Traveling or standing valve leaks, restricted pump intake, stuck pump, unseated pump
Pump & Rod Design:
Rod stress, gear box torque, required stroke length, pump efficiencies
Fluid Level Testing:
Measure fluid level, calculate static or flowing bottomhole pressure, determine plunger lift efficiencies